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be rooted in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe rooted in somethingbe rooted in somethingCOME FROM/ORIGINATEto have developed from something and be strongly influenced by it The country’s economic troubles are rooted in a string of global crises. This feeling of rejection is often deeply rooted in childhood. root
Examples from the Corpus
deeply rooted inThis feeling of rejection is often deeply rooted in our childhood.There are a variety of reasons for this, which may be deeply rooted in our past.Deeply rooted in peasant culture was the belief that the land should belong to whoever worked it with his own hands.Its vigour and vitality attest to a popular piety deeply rooted in the everyday life of the local community.But on the other hand, this respectable ideology was deeply rooted in the general experience of working-class life.This is based on enumerative classification, which is deeply rooted in the traditions of epidemiology and vital statistics.Young Bruce My background couldn't really have been more deeply rooted in the whims and cultures of tight-knit Devon and Cornwall.
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