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be running short (of/on something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe running short (of/on something)be running short (of/on something)ENOUGH#if you are running short of something, or if something is running short, it is being used up and there will soon not be enough left We’re running short of coffee again. Our supplies of petrol were running short. Come on, time’s running short! short
Examples from the Corpus
be running short (of/on something)Let's go - time's running short.Our supply of firewood was running short.Nevertheless, Baldwin felt his time was running short.Still, time is running short.Time was running short for Lievin.San Francisco may be running short of characters, but new communities pop up every day.He was running short of petrol and that route offered him the chance to capture replenishments along the way.As we are running short of time, let me end with one area where there is a clear divide.He was running short of time.Many stores are running short on bottled water.
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