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be seated

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe seatedbe seatedspoken used to ask people politely to sit down Please be seated. seated
Examples from the Corpus
be seatedThe meal cannot start until everyone is seated.She bade Demeter be seated and herself offered her honey-sweet wine, but the goddess would not taste it.The other night, Deena was seated at a well-known, busy place near the Potomac River.Helen was more than pleased to be seated beside Chris. She'd always wanted to meet him.Once she was seated, he put his arms around her, cradling her fair head against his chest.Once the men are seated in the living room off the inside patio, they try to lure the children into conversation.Jan was seated near the door.John was seated on my left.They were seated on the far side, some in chairs, some leaning on the desk.She was seated on the Woolpack which was tied like a saddle to her Grey Horse.Example 3: Four girls were seated round a table, each writing individually.Please be seated so we can start the meeting.To / two / too: There were two too many to be seated, too.
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