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be sheathed in/with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe sheathed in/with somethingbe sheathed in/with something literaryto be covered by something The grassy hills were sheathed in mist. sheathe
Examples from the Corpus
be sheathed in/with somethingHe was sheathed in a blue body stocking which had yellow stripes running from his armpits to his ankles.The bottom was sheathed with a brass alloy called Muntz metal.Shifting winds blew clouds of spray over the rocks, trees, and shrubs until they seemed to be sheathed in alabaster.You are sheathed in black cloth and your freckles are pale and many.Its walls and floor were sheathed in gypsum slabs, whilst its ceiling was painted blue and supported by a gypsum pillar.No weapons were visible, although Alexei guessed that a dagger was sheathed in Jotan's sleeve.
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