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be short on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe short on somethingbe short on somethingto have less of something than you should have He’s a nice guy, but a little short on brains. The president’s speech was long on colorful phrases but short on solutions. short
Examples from the Corpus
be short on somethingSometimes I think he's a little short on common sense.Before Diller came in, they were short on cash and needed to get a product out fast.If your company is short on cash, it becomes very tempting not to remit these taxes.Useful vegetarian cafe to know about, as the area is short on cheap options.It was short on ice and long on scotch.It might be short on intrigue and backstabbing but it would move at a cracking pace.The hospital was short on nurses.Seeking clarification from one who should know, we are told that Mr Smith is short on pessimism.
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