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be sick

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe sickbe sickSICK/VOMITif you are sick, the food in your stomach comes up through your mouth syn vomit, throw up I think I’m going to be sick. He dashed to the bathroom and was sick again. The cat’s been sick on the carpet. You’ll be sick if you eat any more of that chocolate! I was violently sick (=suddenly and severely sick) the last time I ate prawns. sick
Examples from the Corpus
be sickI think I'm going to be sick.For once, she got to be sick.I am sick and weary of all this business.But Aeschylus too was sick at heart.And I was sick just two days ago.Teacher Miss - Student Miss Poll's doll was sick, sick, sick.He was sick to his stomach.If a cat is sick we should always take veterinary advice.It was hard to be sick when I was sick, if you know what I mean.