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be situated

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe situatedbe situatedPLACEto be in a particular place or position syn locatedbe situated in/near/at etc The house is situated near the college. a farm situated in the valleyconveniently/ideally/beautifully etc situated The hotel is ideally situated near the seafront. situated
Examples from the Corpus
conveniently/ideally/beautifully etc situatedThe south side of the cut dips down into a beautiful hollow of vines, all but the lowest locations being ideally situated.It is conveniently situated close to the town centre and the sea, which can be seen from several of the rooms.The property is conveniently situated for access to Headington for shopping plus sporting and social facilities.All the University Accommodation is ideally situated for the City Centre.The most beautifully situated group of these is at Balnuaren of Clava, off a byroad below Culloden.It is conveniently situated in the high street of Stetchworth, just outside Newmarket, in Suffolk.Ashmount Hotel Detached and beautifully situated on a quiet road off the promenade.
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