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be soaked in/with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe soaked in/with somethingbe soaked in/with somethingHAVEto be full of a particular quality syn be steeped in something a city soaked in history soaked
Examples from the Corpus
be soaked in/with somethingThe royal tabard was soaked in blood.If the flavour of this solution is too strong, they may be soaked in milk before use.Here at the Qutb apartment, dates are soaked in milk.I was soaked in perspiration and the muscles running the length of my spine were in spasm.His head is soaked with rain.Their clothes were soaked with sweat, their lives sustained by the thought of California.Vardell's shirt was soaked in sweat.Their heavy woolen pants and jackets, hideously ill-fitted, were soaked with sweat.When barley is harvested it is taken to a maltings where the grains are soaked in water to encourage germination.
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