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be somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe somebodybe somebodyIMPORTANTto be or feel important She was the first teacher who’d made Paul feel like he was somebody. somebody
Examples from the Corpus
be somebodyThe best Rather could do was enthuse about shadowy figures in crowds who might or might not be somebody guilty of something.It was somebody young, he said.She's living in hope that she might be somebody one day.When should you tell Mountain Rescue that you think there might be somebody in danger?The rest is somebody else's business.Almost every interview-but there was somebody he wanted to go back and see.Or it might not: Voters dislike opportunists and political chameleons who pretend they are somebody they are not.To be somebody who is excited about reading a book or learning something, or seeing something.To one side will be somebody from the appropriate city department.
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