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be somebody’s last/only/best hope

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe somebody’s last/only/best hopebe somebody’s last/only/best hopeCHANCE/OPPORTUNITYto be someone’s last, only etc chance of getting the result they want Please help me. You’re my last hope.be somebody’s last/only/best hope of Joshua’s only hope of survival was a heart transplant. hope
Examples from the Corpus
be somebody’s last/only/best hopeIs he only hoping to make money?Advocates just seem to take it on faith that annexation is the only hope of salvation for this city.I expected to be disappointed, though the letter was now my only hope.In the long term, Mr Heseltine said that privatisation was the only hope for the industry.But Thomas Sachs was now her only hope.That was the only hope I had of reaching the doctor.Robert Urquhart was her only hope, her only ally.But mad or not, you are my only hope, Meg.
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