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be somebody’s (own) doing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe somebody’s (own) doingbe somebody’s (own) doingDO something/TAKE ACTIONif something bad is someone’s doing, they did or caused it If you fall into this trap, it will be all your own doing. doing
Examples from the Corpus
be somebody’s (own) doingNixon may blame others, but the scandal was his own doing.Am I really doing him a disservice if I leave it as one big C: drive?If column 3 exceeds column 2, the Jones Enterprise would be better off doing something else with its resources.Sony and Disney are not doing this for charity.Then what on earth is she doing here?Claudia ... what the hell are you doing?What is your country doing to prevent Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge returning to power?What was the Army doing there?And however much men seem to be involved in the movie versions, women are the ones doing it.
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