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be spitting

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe spittingbe spittingBritish EnglishHEM to be raining very lightly syn drizzle You don’t need an umbrella – it’s only spitting. spit
Examples from the Corpus
be spittingHe was spitting and hissing, while he jerked like a monster fish in her arms.If Mr Ramirez de la O is right, then foreign gluttons will soon be spitting back their government paper.The Texan is spitting bile at the president.Her own eyes were a muddy green, and just now they were spitting fire, like a little cat.Macier was spitting his front teeth into the palm of his hand.Jody is not so much yelling as she is spitting out the words.By the following Tuesday, Geraldine Hogan, whose family lived a few hundred yards from the lake, was spitting up blood.