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be steaming (mad)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe steaming (mad)be steaming (mad) (also be steamed (up)) American English spokenANGRY to be very angry steam
Examples from the Corpus
be steaming (mad)Soon ... In the elevator Peggy Vanderheld was steaming, and not only with the heat.In October 1927, the young missionary was steaming at 15-20 knots towards Rangoon.A small storm had come up, and cars were steaming by on the road alongside the river.Fifteen minutes after the rains began, according to equatorial form, the sky had cleared and we were steaming dry.We were steaming in a circle for a reason.Pierce was steaming mad after he got the second penalty.A tea-bag, a spoon of Marvel milk-powder, and the green plastic mug was steaming triumphantly by my side.This is steaming with a difference.
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