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be stirring (it)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe stirring (it)be stirring (it)British English informalCAUSE to cause trouble between people by spreading false or secret information Ben’s always stirring! stir
Examples from the Corpus
be stirring (it)If the global surface was in motion, geophysicists realized that the rock beneath it must also be stirring.Nearby, the remainder of the squadron was stirring after a brief respite in a busy twenty-four period.He ate on, oblivious to the storms he was stirring into the air around him.As he was stirring it he heard Christopher cough and start to cry.There are other signs that the club is stirring itself commercially as it responds to the needs of its growing membership.Other business activity also is stirring on the commercial half of the 60-acre Town Center site, Malone said.And now, 5 years on, the City of Hereford is stirring to the call of the cup.What high-pressure or low-pressure rock fronts were stirring up the surface of the globe?
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