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be suffused with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe suffused with somethingbe suffused with something literaryif someone is suffused with a feeling, they are full of that feeling She was suffused with happiness. suffuse
Examples from the Corpus
be suffused with somethingShe looked at the man sitting opposite her, and was suffused with a sense of loss.The work atmosphere is suffused with a simmering sense of disappointment.Everything he tells me of former times is suffused with loss.His face was suffused with pink and there were tears in his eyes.But immediately my heart was suffused with shame.The place was suffused with struggle and resentment and frustration.N.-run trials are suffused with tensions that spring from allegations that include nepotism, cronyism and mismanagement of resources.Even dozing, they were suffused with their surroundings.
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