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be sunk

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe sunkbe sunkspoken to be in a situation where you are certain to fail or have a lot of problems If I don’t get paid by next week, I’ll really be sunk. sink
Examples from the Corpus
be sunkIf that check doesn't come today, we're really sunk.The ship had not gone out to transport Scouts but to be sunk.The day the peony falls I will be sunk already in the sorrow of a lost spring.Then once, toward the end, when Dan was sunk in drink, Dunne asked him directly.A well was sunk in the back garden, and water could be pumped up from it into the kitchen.Then it should be sunk into the gravel or sand base of the main tank.As we explored the roofless shells of the other buildings we remarked on the way each dwelling was sunk into the ground.They were passionate women, but their devotions were like roots; they were sunk into the past towards the old man.The porcelain industry, in which again much government money was sunk, was also a failure.
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