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be supposed to do/be something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe supposed to do/be somethingbe supposed to do/be somethinga) SHOULD/OUGHT TOused to say what someone should or should not do, especially because of rules or what someone in authority has said We’re supposed to check out of the hotel by 11 o'clock. I’m not supposed to tell anyone. What time are you supposed to be there? b) INTENDPURPOSEused to say what was or is expected or intended to happen, especially when it did not happen No one was supposed to know about it. The meeting was supposed to take place on Tuesday, but we’ve had to postpone it. The new laws are supposed to prevent crime. c) used to say that something is believed to be true by many people, although it might not be true or you might disagree The castle is supposed to be haunted. ‘Dirty Harry’ is supposed to be one of Eastwood’s best films. Mrs Carver is supposed to have a lot of money. suppose
Examples from the Corpus
be supposed to do/be something"Ultra Velvet" is supposed to perform at the club on Friday.And he was supposed to be a friend.By law, the costs of holding a fund-raising event are supposed to be reported as a noncash campaign contribution.He was supposed to be getting that for the gerbil babies, but his hopes were fading.I was supposed to be at work in my bookshop in Petersfield, Hampshire.She wouldn't understand that it was supposed to be a protest.This was supposed to be her final victory over him, supposed to establish her rule once and for all.Truthfully, the weather in South Florida is supposed to be balmy.You were supposed to be Gibson in the role-playing.I didn't really like the book, but the movie is supposed to be very funny.Mrs. Carver is supposed to have a lot of money.No one was supposed to know about it.This is supposed to be the best Chinese restaurant in town.Was that supposed to be a joke?We're supposed to check out of the hotel by 11:00.What time are you supposed to be there?You're not supposed to smoke in the building.
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