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be sure to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe sure to do somethingbe sure to do somethingspokenREMEMBER used to tell someone to remember to do something Be sure to ring and let us know you’ve got back safely. sure
Examples from the Corpus
be sure to do somethingPartners should watch each other and be sure to agree on the moves.Payton is sure to be compensated come July 1, when he becomes a free agent.Third, as you are doing your taxes, be sure to check the box requesting your contributions to federal campaign funds.New paradigms are sure to emerge.Tuesday, she made news that was sure to get around, even to out-of-the-way McClain.Minnie would be sure to notice - interested as she was in every tiny thing Polly did or said.To punch a ticket is to play a game you are sure to win.Unemployment is sure to play its part.Be sure to read all the directions carefully.
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