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be surrounded by somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe surrounded by somebody/somethingbe surrounded by somebody/somethingAROUND/ROUNDto have a lot of a particular type of people or things near you He’s always been surrounded by people who adore him. surround
Examples from the Corpus
be surrounded by somebody/somethingAt work, I'm surrounded by people who don't know what they're doing.He is surrounded by an electronic keyboard, a rack of music equipment, a recording microphone and a personal computer.Groups of Federals are surrounded by ConfederatesConfederates surrounded by Federals.For at school, the young man would be surrounded by men much like him-self.The Volvo, whose windows wind down to reveal plush red curtains, is surrounded by stepladders.The burial place was surrounded by the crypt and above it, in the church, was the high altar.They claimed that when they were surrounded by the gang they acted in self defence.But the brain is surrounded by the skull, and all that escaped blood takes up space, squeezing the brain.Le Sport is surrounded by tropical gardens on a secluded bay of golden sand.
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