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be suspended in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe suspended in somethingbe suspended in somethingtechnicalIN/INSIDE if something is suspended in a liquid or in air, it floats in it without moving suspend
Examples from the Corpus
be suspended in somethingWrangling After years of wrangling, the contract was suspended in 1992.I was suspended in a vast loneliness as pure and cruel as the sky.Last week training flights were suspended in areas along the East Coast.That stopped when three officers denounced it as illegal, and were suspended in consequence.Sound Diffusion ordinary shares were suspended in December at 22p and the group asked its bankers to appoint a receiver.Knight was suspended in January for two weeks without pay and removed from her job.Clinging to it and looking at the projecting ledge above him, Bigelow felt as if he were suspended in mid-air.If the fish is suspended in open water with no obstacles around, the lines are smooth curves.
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