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be/take centre stage

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/take centre stagebe/take centre stageif something or someone is centre stage, they have an important position and get a lot of attention After his father’s death, he was able to rise to power and take centre stage. centre
Examples from the Corpus
be/take centre stageBy day, the Pirates Club takes centre stage with games, activities and competitions - even the parents join in!Meanwhile, Heidi took centre stage at London Fashion Week.There are many others like him, lurking in the background when they should be centre stage.She was able to take centre stage, providing comic relief while Zephyr shared intimate moments with her special friends.As she says herself, this is one lady born to be centre stage.Charles and Diana were to take centre stage in the drama.But in her latest role it is her clothes, rather than lack of them, which take centre stage.
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