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be taken aback (by something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe taken aback (by something)be taken aback (by something)SURPRISEDto be very surprised or shocked by something For a moment, I was completely taken aback by her request. aback
Examples from the Corpus
be taken aback (by something)The authorities were taken aback, and took the unprecedented step of cordoning off the painting.The man spun round so swiftly that George was taken aback and tripped, falling on to the soft mud.I was taken aback, but deep down I wasn't totally surprised.Intel was taken aback by the intensity of public anger.He was taken aback by the new demands of the job.Jonadab was taken aback, not being a man given to overt affection.She was taken aback to realise just how far her reservations about seeing him had disappeared.
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