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be tantamount to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe tantamount to somethingbe tantamount to somethingALMOSTif an action, suggestion, plan etc is tantamount to something bad, it has the same effect or is almost as bad To leave a dog home alone is tantamount to cruelty. tantamount
Examples from the Corpus
be tantamount to somethingJournalists argued that the law was tantamount to censorship.At its worst, the life of faith is portrayed in a way that it is tantamount to spiritual repression.Critics say the arrangement is tantamount to a dictatorship.In Michael's mind it was tantamount to mutiny and he would not stand for anyone disagreeing with him.Reaching a host is tantamount to survival in dodder and several features in its development enhance this ability.The corollary is that acquiring an addiction is tantamount to relieving oneself of personal responsibility.With Harry, omission was tantamount to deceit.
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