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be the centre of attention

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe the centre of attentionbe the centre of attentionto be the person that everyone is giving attention to Betty just loves being the centre of attention. centre
Examples from the Corpus
be the centre of attentionI loved talking and being the centre of attention, so I was chosen to be spokesperson.You can be the centre of attention in a conversation but then the focus changes as new participants enter the dialogue.Once, when he was the centre of attention at the youth club I saw him do it again.There were more junior officials around them, and Pink was the centre of attention.Trust Claire to act as if she were the centre of attention.She was the centre of attention - like all brides.I like to be the centre of attention or in the public eye 12.Do they want to be the centre of attention?And the tower is the centre of attention every May morning when the choir sings out across the rooftops.
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