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be there (for somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe there (for somebody)be there (for somebody)HELPto be always ready to help someone when they need help That’s what I loved about my father – he was always there for me. there
Examples from the Corpus
be there (for somebody)Ilium is a particularly good city for optometrists because the General Forge and Foundry Company is there.You could be alone in a room with her and forget she was there.And are there any courses there during late June or July?But is there anyone who will check that this is the case?The majority of children living in single-parent households are there because of separation or divorce, not illegitimacy.Not, in short, what was there, but what the eye saw there.My parents were always there for me when I was growing up.Why, some might question, is there such an emphasis on something which is so peripheral to the New Testament?He was there when the killers streamed down from the surrounding hills, chanting war cries.
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