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be thronged with somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe thronged with somebody/somethingbe thronged with somebody/somethingBUSY PLACEif a place is thronged with people or things, there are a lot of them there The streets were thronged with Christmas shoppers. throng
Examples from the Corpus
be thronged with somebody/somethingThe streets were thronged with eager men and women rushing here and there as incidents called them.Its steep sides are thronged with Goblin strongholds and its rocky slopes overlay caves and tunnels that are riddled with evil creatures.The sun was shining, and the docks at Liverpool were thronged with people.The lower deck, shining clean now, was thronged with steerage passengers.It is thronged with the scarves of London clubs.The canals are thronged with tour buses, the bridges festooned with banners.These days, his Back Bay studio is thronged with waltz-challenged future bridegrooms slow-footing their first box steps.Now its innocence had vanished, and it was thronged with worldly-wise urban people intent upon sophisticated urban undertakings.
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