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be to be seen/found/heard etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe to be seen/found/heard etcbe to be seen/found/heard etcCAN'Tused to say that something can be seen, found, or heard somewhere A large range of species are to be seen in the aquarium. We searched everywhere but the ring was nowhere to be found (=could not be found). The only sound to be heard was the twittering of the birds above us. be
Examples from the Corpus
be to be seen/found/heard etcShe and two of the Aussies then proceeded to the next floor where guest bedrooms were to be found.These words, in his own hand, are to be found, framed, inside the hall.Further comments on attaching priorities to different subjects and to different levels of material are to be found in Chapter 3.A similar situation is to be found in other regions of the world.The only reference to sustainable development was to be found in paragraph two hundred and thirteen.It was to be found in the libraries of other leading Virginians: Lord Botetourt, Thos.A comparable tendency is to be found in the theatre.He was to be found lurking in the band's dressing room whenever they ventured into Mancunian territory, which was often.
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