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be to somebody’s liking

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe to somebody’s likingbe to somebody’s likingformalWANT if something is to someone’s liking, they like it or think it is satisfactory I hope everything was to your liking, sir. liking
Examples from the Corpus
be to somebody’s likingAfter deciding that a paper looks, feels and smells to your liking, a few other factors should be considered.Congressional Republicans have made an increase in the debt ceiling contingent on a balanced budget agreement to their liking.However, with the two medium-sized potatoes and a spoonful of carrots, she found this also quite to her liking.Joining the group for 12 laps of grassy field surrounding the track, I found their easy pace to my liking.She found herself praying that this batch would be more to his liking than the last.The second half is more to her liking.Need I add that impairment is more to my liking than good health?This may be to your liking so it is worth experimenting with three, four and five rises.I hope everything in the suite was to your liking, sir.
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