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be toast

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe toastbe toastinformal to be in trouble because of something you have done If you challenge her, you’re toast. toast
Examples from the Corpus
be toastThe company is toasting the success of a business that's blooming, thanks to the Elderflower and an army of pickers.It can either be toasted in a skillet till it crackles or added directly to the dough.His front was toasting, but icicles seemed to be lying along his back.Despite dim warehouse lighting, everyone can see the guy is toast.And he was toasting this self-same happy chance in home-made elderflower wine when he first heard the chanting.She was toasted by all of them, one after the other, seriously and without embarrassment, without even smiles.With all this good news, fund managers should be toasting their prospects in 1996.
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