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be topped (off) with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe topped (off) with somethingbe topped (off) with somethingif food is topped with something, it has that thing on it or over the top of it a strawberry tart topped with whipped cream The cake can be topped off with fresh fruit. top
Examples from the Corpus
be topped (off) with somethingEven the boldly striped mooring posts were topped with a dollop of white, rather like gaudy Cornetto ice-creams.The compost is topped with a layer of pea gravel.And the full bellows tongue is topped with Cambrelle covered padding.Eaten raw in salads, it becomes more interesting if it is topped with herbs and a good quality olive oil.The wall was topped with rolls of barbed wire and jagged ends of glass stuck into the eight-foot concrete slabs.
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