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be two/ten a penny

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe two/ten a pennybe two/ten a pennyBritish EnglishCHEAP to be very common and easy to get, or cheap – used to show disapproval Rings like these are ten a penny. penny
Examples from the Corpus
be two/ten a pennyUncritical testimonials to the postmodern's attractions are ten a penny, and conservative denunciations thereof not much scarcer.Dallams were ten a penny in the backstreets of Frizingley.Teachers of history are ten a penny, and out-of-work teachers of history are twenty a penny.There, residential and nursing homes are two a penny.These rings are ten a penny.Now they are two a penny - or rather they were until 1990.Moreover, although titles were two a penny in Cannes, Lord Westbourne was different.Anyway, they would fall in love with these Counts who were ten a penny and even pay for their drinks.
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