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be under siege

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe under siegebe under siegea) PMto be surrounded by an army in a siege b) BUSY PLACEto be being criticized, attacked, or threatened all the time The TV station has been under siege from irate viewers phoning in to complain. siege
Examples from the Corpus
be under siegePenn, Cage and Leigh give these career performances at a time when movie acting is under siege by special effects.Read in studio Britain's churches are under siege, according to the company which insures them.Everton's goal was under siege.Guei, who promised quick elections for a civilian government, is under siege from within the army.Your organization is under siege because you and your colleagues have been lax.The President was under siege from war protesters on the sidewalk.The Army and the police remained under intense pressure in the Jaffna peninsula where many camps and stations were under siege.
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