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be understood (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe understood (that)be understood (that)formalAGREE if something is understood, everyone knows it, or has agreed to it, and there is no need to discuss it From childhood it was understood that your parents would choose your husband. understand
Examples from the Corpus
be understood (that)The less that was known about the political officer's activities, the less was understood about his responsibility for events.The first meaning should be understood as the inspiration which has urged the choreographer to create.The notion of transparent reporting which can be understood by the untutored layman is a chimera.The gifts will rather be understood from the point of view of the sinful self that seeks only self-gratification and status.Briefly, as we shall devote a section to each below, these categories are understood in the following way.It is understood that a number of applications for advance clearance under s 707 for such arrangements have been refused.He is understood to be on police bail after his arrest on Tuesday.As such they have to be understood with nuances of influence and control often benign but sometimes narrow in focus.From childhood, it was understood your parents would choose your husband.
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