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be unfamiliar with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe unfamiliar with somethingbe unfamiliar with somethingto not have any experience of something We were unfamiliar with the neighbourhood. unfamiliar
Examples from the Corpus
be unfamiliar with somethingCommunity activists say a large proportion of maquila workers come from rural areas and are unfamiliar with industrial safety concerns.Finally, the management of the fund may be unfamiliar with futures trading, and be cautious about engaging in arbitrage transactions.Gloria gave me the look of a woman who was unfamiliar with exactitude.One of the parties may be unfamiliar with a particular practice.The book is aimed at new graduates who are unfamiliar with polymers, but it is also suitable for undergraduates.The Charismatics are suspicious of anything they are unfamiliar with.The staff are unfamiliar with some of the donated materials.They are unfamiliar with its routine.
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