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be uppermost in your mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe uppermost in your mindbe uppermost in your mindif something is uppermost in your mind, you think about it a lot because it is very important to you A feeling of pity for David was uppermost in her mind. uppermost
Examples from the Corpus
be uppermost in your mindSucceeding in her career was uppermost in her mind.In fact, financial problems may not be uppermost in her mind.In fact, they brought up the question before I could do so because it was uppermost in their minds.It was only natural that that thought should be uppermost in her mind.Nor was there the slightest need to tell her of the thoughts that were uppermost in his mind.She was certain, however, that it was not the weather that was uppermost in his mind.Still, the aspect of that news which affected himself was uppermost in his mind, threatening to swamp such minor worries.Two thoughts were uppermost in my mind.The one which was uppermost in her mind was Maurin.
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