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be waiting (for somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe waiting (for somebody)be waiting (for somebody)WAITif something is waiting for you, it is ready for you to use, collect etc There’ll be a rental car waiting for you at the airport. Come round at eight and I’ll have dinner waiting. wait
Examples from the Corpus
have ... waitingTo day is the day we have been waiting and preparing for.Max told me that Smith would meet us on the following Monday, which would have meant waiting around for five days.Toronto Maple Leafs fans, a crazed and critical lot, have been waiting for a Stanley Cup since 1967.Frank would have been waiting for me wherever I had gone, like fate.At home I have Little Women waiting for me.I have a waiting list, Miss Thorne, and I am overcrowded as it is.The residents could have been waiting to mug her with a Zimmer frame.
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