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be wasted on somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe wasted on somebodybe wasted on somebodySTUPID/NOT SENSIBLEif something is wasted on someone, they do not understand how good or useful it is Her good advice was wasted on the children. waste
Examples from the Corpus
be wasted on somebodyThe irony of the situation was not wasted on me.At seventy-three, her days were too short to be wasted on slumber.Compassion could only lead to increased confusion, for it would be wasted on her.He explained this with his usual tact, but tact was wasted on Mrs. Bidwell.Her effort was wasted on me.I fear your quaint down-home speech is wasted on me, my friend.It also tends to be grown locally so that less fuel is wasted on transporting it.It must be a proper justification which shows that your time is not likely to be wasted on a low priority.Nor did this luxury stimulate local production: it was wasted on foreign imports which could never become productive at home.
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