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be welcome to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe welcome to somethingbe welcome to somethingspokenWANT used to say that someone can have something if they want it, because you certainly do not want it If you want to take the job you’re welcome to it! welcome
Examples from the Corpus
be welcome to somethingIf you're still hungry, you're welcome to another sandwich.But he'd be welcome to come.Any neighbor was welcome to drop in for tea.Any reader wanting the right detector to suit his pocket and plenty of sound advice is welcome to give me a ring.That will be matched from here and others are welcome to join in.The public -- from upstarts to old pros -- is welcome to join this latest Friends social event.We must somehow transcend this and create an atmosphere at our meetings which is welcoming to people from all types of background.You'd be welcome to stay as long as you wanted.
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