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be well/favourably/kindly disposed (to/towards somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe well/favourably/kindly disposed (to/towards somebody/something)be well/favourably/kindly disposed (to/towards somebody/something) formalENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingto like or approve of someone or something Management is favourably disposed to the idea of job-sharing. disposed
Examples from the Corpus
be well/favourably/kindly disposed (to/towards somebody/something)I think maybe she had seen the television programmes and was favourably disposed.The majority were favourably disposed, some were ambivalent and a few highly critical of the messages and their style.He said Bonn was favourably disposed to such a conference if it were well prepared.Jackson was well disposed towards journalists of left-wing sympathies.It is expected that he will be favourably disposed towards the report's proposals.The best that can be hoped for, on their behalf, is that human beings are kindly disposed towards them.
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