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be well/ideally etc placed

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe well/ideally etc placedbe well/ideally etc placedCAN a) to be in a good situation where you have the ability or opportunity to do somethingbe well/ideally placed to do something The company is now well placed to compete in Europe. b) British English to be in a good place or positionbe well/ideally etc placed for The hotel is well placed for most of London’s theatres. place
Examples from the Corpus
be well/ideally etc placedThe clearing banks were ideally placed.But the island that in the prohibition years after 1920 profitably ran the rum trade is well placed for bootlegging cocaine.Professional associations would seem to be well placed in terms of expertise and disinterest to carry out this kind of selection.He was well placed to comment.These factors, he argues, created a situation where many clearing banks were well placed to expand.In short, I knew a lot of management educators and developers and was well placed to include them in my study.Development agencies are well placed to make this point with the authority of people trying to get a job done.By the end of the 32/33 season, the club was well placed to progress from friendlies to Junior League soccer.
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