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be (well) versed in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (well) versed in somethingbe (well) versed in something formalKNOW somethingto know a lot about a subject, method etc a woman well versed in the art of diplomacy versed
Examples from the Corpus
be (well) versed in somethingThe second point is that factory women were well versed in appraising the advantages and disadvantages of additional family members.Of course, not everyone is well versed in moral philosophy.You may be versed in necromancy, and steeped in alchemy, and schooled in the ancient cruel arts of your realm.He was also reputed to be well versed in poisons and their antidotes.William Fannon, the author of this recollection, and Charles Shartle were well versed in shop ways.An engineer may be well versed in the technique of value engineering; it includes methods of generating the creative discontinuity.
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