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be worthy of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe worthy of somethingbe worthy of somethingDESERVEto deserve to be thought about or treated in a particular way A couple of other books are worthy of mention. a teacher who is worthy of respect worthy
Examples from the Corpus
be worthy of somethingExtremely accomplished and complex, Steinem is worthy of a competent and well-researched biography.Two of these we shall not need here, but they are worthy of a mention.Too bad; the lighthouse is worthy of a visit and the setting offers a prime spot for whale-watching.This three-disc, 49-cut set is worthy of four stars only if you are willing to give it a serious listen.None really, but a couple of points are worthy of mention.The intrigue, if one existed, was worthy of the inner circle of the Imperial court on far distant Knossos.Not one among them was worthy of trust.During these few years, the school was attended by four boys, each of whom is worthy of our attention.
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