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be wrong (about somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe wrong (about somebody/something)be wrong (about somebody/something)to not be right in what you think or believe about someone or something syn mistaken opp right No, you’re wrong. Brett wouldn’t do a thing like that. I was wrong about the new guy – he’s not Belgian, he’s French. That’s where you’re wrong! We never slept together. wrong
Examples from the Corpus
be wrong (about somebody/something)But now, for the first time, she begins to think she might be wrong.I want Mum to ask the doctor why they keep testing me - what do they think is wrong?This turns out to be wrong.Well, actually you could be forgiven for thinking that, and actually you'd be wrong.What if the man who designed them was wrong?But even if I was wrong about Bryce, it's impossible I could be wrong about Magee.They argue that the legislated-excellence movement is wrong not only about how children learn, but also about what they should learn.
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