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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeadybead‧y /ˈbiːdi/ adjective  1 HBHSMALLbeady eyes are small, round, and shiny – used especially about someone who you think looks dishonest or strange2 have/keep your beady eye(s) on somebody/something
Examples from the Corpus
beadyHe looked at Oliver narrowly, his terrier eyes bright and beady.With a beady eye he watches the drama of the market place.My friends were chatting to Sean Murphy, his beady eyes and Guinness-fringed lips at a level with Rozanov's chest.Dark-haired, he had shrewd beady eyes, was clean-shaven and showed the beginnings of a jowl.And two little beady eyes with dark blue circles under them whether I sleep enough or not.But if you stayed still, Fred would come stilt-walking over to within six inches and examine you with his beady eyes.The beady, little eyes softened as Cranston displayed his warrant, a silver coin lying on top of it.
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