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beakerbea‧ker /ˈbiːkə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 British EnglishDFU a drinking cup with straight sides and no handle, usually made of plastic2 HCa glass cup with straight sides that is used in chemistry for measuring and heating liquids
Examples from the Corpus
beakerOne balanced a beaker of steaming coffee on a nearby terminal before moving on bearing a full tray.A beaker and a flask steamed on the bench beside him as he spoke.Representative goblets and beakers of late sixteenth century and seventeenth century date are illustrated in Figures 3.50 and 3.51.At one point we see a homunculus encased in a glass beaker, exactly like a test-tube baby.She took his beaker away and placed it on the balcony wall.Cold and shaken from the journey, thick with sediment and drunk from a plastic beaker, it tasted like medicine.On the various shelves were set items of laboratory equipment: retorts, beakers, distilling tubes and burners.In the bottom of the beaker they put glycerin.
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