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bear/keep somebody/something in mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbear/keep somebody/something in mindbear/keep somebody/something in mindREMEMBERto remember or think about someone or something when you are doing something It’s a good idea – I’ll keep it in mind. You must always keep the reader in mind when writing a report. Floor tiles can be difficult to clean – worth keeping in mind when you choose a new floor.bear/keep in mind that Bear in mind that the price does not include flights. More money should be given to housing, bearing in mind (=because of) the problem of homelessness. mind
Examples from the Corpus
bearing in mindHowever such applications must be looked at carefully bearing in mind the whole environmental question.This is to be expected, bearing in mind the way in which insertion is handled.This was an incredible result bearing in mind the general statistics of 98 percent failure rates reported for most dieting attempts.It is also worth bearing in mind that the experience curve does not apply only to single products.
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