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bear market

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bear marketˈbear ˌmarket noun [countable]  a situation in which the value of stocks is decreasingbull market
Examples from the Corpus
bear marketThis is a mere stumble compared with the near 50% fall during the mid-1970s bear market.They used to believe that investing in big, publicly traded issues would keep their portfolios liquid even in a bear market.Stocks perceived as safest in a bear market were mixed.Fisher also argues that, even if you know for sure that a bear market will occur, selling is dumb.Have you lived through a bear market?In both cases, the inevitable bear market has revealed the ugly truth.All together we begin to unload the very cream of our assets, creating a massive bear market.The worst bear market lasted from September 1929 through July 1932, when stocks plunged about 90 percent.
From Longman Business Dictionarybear marketˈbear ˌmarket [countable]FINANCE a financial market in which prices are falling, especially over a long period of timeWe’ve had a bear market for a couple of months now, but I think it’s at or near bottom. market
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