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bear (something) in mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbear (something) in mindbear (something) in mindREMEMBERto remember a fact or piece of information that is important or could be useful in the future syn keep (something) in mindbear in mind (that) Bear in mind that some children will need help. bear
Examples from the Corpus
bear (something) in mindThanks, I'll bear that in mind.I said I would bear his suggestion in mind.If he had ... no conclusions yet, just bear it in mind.My right hon. Friend should bear that in mind.The Prime Minister I will certainly bear that in mind.The problem is largely an insuperable one, and all we can do at this stage is to bear it in mind.Tourists must bear in mind that they are visitors in another country.Mr. Clarke Any intelligent parent, intelligent governor or intelligent newspaper person will bear it in mind that various factors influence results.Thus, firms entering overseas markets must bear this in mind when introducing new products or services.It is important that we bear these differences in mind when we attempt to analyse the formal nature of public sector organisations.
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