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bear the mark of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbear the mark of somethingbear the mark of somethinga) to show the physical signs of something which happened in the past His face bore the marks of many missions. b) if something bears the mark of something or someone, it has signs that show who or what made it or influenced it His speech bore all the marks of his military background. mark
Examples from the Corpus
bear the mark of somethingA large piece of whale blubber, bearing the marks of fleshing knives, has been discovered off west Falkland.The imam still bore the mark of that experience in his gaunt frame and sallow, jaundiced complexion.None the less, nationalization still bore the mark of long struggles by the labour movement to further working class interests.Some of you have the look of lords, yet you bear the mark of hard travelling and your steeds are scarred.
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