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beard somebody (in their den)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeard somebody (in their den)beard somebody (in their den)TELLto go and see someone who has influence or authority, and tell them what you want, why you disagree with them etc beard
Examples from the Corpus
beard somebody (in their den)He is soft-spoken, bearded, with a friendly smile and an ability to laugh at himself.He was an awe-inspiring sight, his beard jutting out fiercely and his brow knotted in anger.It was an older man, with a beard.Often he would shave it off, but the next day he would have a beard just the same.Protest music made by men with beards for people with fuzzy minds and books in the glove compartments of their Morris Travellers.Some of their fathers wore beards.The provodnik, my jailer, showed a young bearded man into my compartment.With his grizzled beard and his peg-leg he looked like an extra from Treasure Island.
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